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Basis Department

Department of Organization and Economy of Pharmacy Pharmacy under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine №532 order of 23.08.2011 p. Is supporting the teaching of these subjects:

  • “Organization and economics of pharmacy” specialty “Pharmacy”
  • “Organization and economics of pharmaceutical and perfumery and cosmetic industry” specialty “Technology of perfumery and cosmetics”


According to the Regulation on the reference department (MOH Ukraine of 26.02.2003 p. 86 number) department OEF pharmacy:

  • summarizes and implementing best practices in teaching VM Single field disciplines (pharmaceutical);
  • develops recommendations for the improvement of methods and improve the quality of students working to create regulations on higher pharmaceutical education;
  • creates and implements the learning process improved curricula, national textbooks, manuals, training videos, etc;
  • develop effective forms of intermediate and final control of knowledge;
  • develops and tests the professional expertise for integrated licensing examination;
  • organizes lectures, workshop, open demonstration lectures, practical classes with a discussion of the methodology and content;
  • conducted by competent examination of manuscripts of textbooks, technical documentation, prepared in a single field departments;
  • participates in the development of advanced learning technologies and state education standards holds annual seminars, meetings of heads of departments of a single field to discuss problems and issues in the study of this discipline.


Supporting Department Сharters

  • attend classes on a single field departments with the consent of the head. department and teacher who holds classes or lecture;
  • explore the equipment of educational process in a single field departments;
  • involve employees of departments to a single field all jobs;