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Dear students!

The school of practical skills
Department invites you OEPh
courses on “Technology and automation of pharmacies”

Courses on advanced study courses OEPh held the chair since 2008. During this time, over 300 students have gained significant professional knowledge and skills in the field of modern information technologies and automation in pharmacies.

The department operates two modern pharmacy education with appropriate equipment and software.

Graduates trained, receive a certificate of “ANR” and National Pharmaceutical University.

During the courses students can get acquainted with the most famous software complexes , used pharmacy networks:


During the study, students deepen knowledge and practical skills in the use of computer technology in the following areas:

  • Keeping information on the range of drugs.

  • Order goods and commodity analysis needs.

  • Supply of goods and Invoice processing.

  • Formation retail prices of drugs and pharmaceutical products range.

  • Sale of goods. Settlements with customers via registrars settlement operations (PSO)

  • Movement of goods between pharmacies

  • Write-off of medications and return delivery

  • Inventory of goods in pharmacy

  • Taks value of extemporaneous preparations.

  • Preparation of a trade report and other forms of reporting.

For courses of advanced study OEPh contact tel. (0572) 67-91-70 Assoc. Gennady Nikolayevich Yurchenko