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The scientific directions of the OEPh department

Enterprising University area of research: “The pharmaceutical business, management i marketing in pharmacy» № state registration: 0114U000954:

  • development of theoretical and applied approaches to implement effective mechanisms of state control and regulation of pharmaceutical activities in accordance with international standards and requirements and characteristics of the domestic pharmaceutical industry;
  • study the problems of legal regulation of pharmaceutical, medical drugs (medicines), medical products (VMP) and parafarmatsevtychnyh goods in the domestic pharmaceutical market;
  • study of modern organizational management structure and systems technology assessment Health and Pharmacy in Ukraine;
  • study the problems and prospects of prescription and non-prescription drugs and medicinal goods in international and domestic pharmaceutical practice;
  • farmaekonomichnyh study of effective mechanisms (pricing, insurance, credit, taxation, investments) regulation of the provision of pharmaceutical care (services) provided the population with limited health care resources and conditions for the implementation of the social model of mandatory health insurance (MHI) in Ukraine;
  • development of scientific approaches to provide effective mechanisms for pricing and reimbursement (compensation) value of consumed drugs and medicinal goods under the conditions of reforming the national health system and pharmacy towards implementing social model MLA;
  • organizational and economic research and regulatory problems of drug production in conditions of pharmacies;
  • development and implementation of organizational and economic recommendations for the formation Formulary lists of drugs and insurance;
  • comprehensive studies of consumption of drugs by patients at disease, in t. ch. socially dangerous pathology using methods of clinical and economic analysis;
  • study of modern social psychological principles in the organization of pharmaceutical activity in conditions of domestic drugs and medicinal goods;
  • scientific substantiation of the strategy in the national associations of pharmacy and directions of development of social movements in the pharmaceutical community;