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About department

teachers Department of Organization and Economy of Pharmacy is a cohesive team of like-minded, highly qualified teaching staff with the disposal of modern material and technical base and is able to solve the challenges of economic and managerial training of pharmacy specialists. There are 2 doctors and 18 candidates of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2 assistants at the department. 2 doctoral and 6 master’s theses are being in process of investigation. Practitioners are actively involved into the training process. Lessons for first year students of the course “Introduction into pharmacy: Practical classes in OEPh” have been conducted in the pharmacies. 22 disciplines for students of specialties ” Pharmacy “,” Technology of perfumery and cosmetics”, “Economics of enterprises”, “Marketing”, “Management of organization”, “Laboratory diagnostics”, “Administrative management” are taught at the department. OEPh department is the basis department for training in specialties “Pharmacy” and “Technology of perfumery and cosmetics.”

During the long experience of the OEPh department 5 books and more than 40 manuals, 230 methodical recommendations (guidelines) have been published. Four hypertext electronic textbook have been also created. Together with the single-profile departments’ considerable work on creation of the National Manual of organization and economics of pharmacy in three parts “Organization of pharmaceutical providing”, “Accounting systems in the pharmacy”, “Principles of Economics of the pharmacy” have been conducted. Four distance courses for students and masters in “Pharmacy” specialty have been created.

Two training pharmacies are functioning at the department since 2008, and courses on automation of pharmaceutical activity is conducted there. Modern software complexes (Software complex “Pharmacy” (Morion), “1C: Enterprise. ANR pharmacy”, “1C: book-keeping”, etc.) are used in the educational process.

Кафедра ОЭФ

As the results of the scientific researches 6 monographs, over 1,000 scientific articles and more than 100 scientific methodical recommendations (guidelines), approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, have been published by staff of the department. The result of high-quality functioning of the OEPh department staff has began a monograph on the history of the department.

Scientists of the OEPh department participated in the creation of the Concept of development of pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine, project of Law of Ukraine “About Medicines”, orders of MOH of Ukraine №№ 395, 163, 185 and others, Ethical Code of pharmaceutical workers. In recent years the efforts of scientists of the department were also aimed at developing the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On the improvement of state regulation of medicine prices”, normative acts for the implementation of reference pricing, the project of Concept of medicines import.

Teachers of the department constantly consult practitioners of pharmacy in a wide range of problems and issues relating to prescription and non-prescription medicines sales, state management and regulation of pharmacy pricing, of pharmaceutical providing of the population in terms of health insurance and so on.


Time – the most expensive and fleeting resource of mankind, tireless converter of the present in the past, which irresistibly brings future. It has become a glorious past of 60-year history of the department of organization and economics of pharmacy as an inseparable part of two-centuries history of National University of Pharmacy.

OEPh department

Meeting of OEPh department is conducted by M.M. Lytvinenko (1970)

OEPh department overcome a long and substantive historical path marked by excellent accomplishments recognized by domestic pharmacy, achievements, convincing results in scientific and practical activities. The creators of the history of OEPh department were many generations of talented scientists and educators that justified and approved the key meaning of organizational and economic subjects in the training of future specialists of practical pharmacy.

OEPh department

N.I. Bryljova, Z.M. Mnushko, R.I. Podkolzina, N.I. Sofronova, I.A. Shevchenko and N.N. Omelchenko at the administrative building at the Pushkinska street, 53

Obligatory stages of historical way of the department are its creation, formation, development and modernity. The undoubted success of the OEPh department includes productive activities of its leaders in each of these stages – great organizers of pharmacy activity, deeply loyal to the pharmacy, to the native university, to the department; reputable scientists, the true patriots of pharmaceutical specialty: associate professor Litvinenko Martha Nikitichna, and the professors Bryljova Nina Ivanivna, Dmitrievskiy Dmitro Ivanovich

OEPh department

OEPh department in 1985

Organization and economy of pharmacy department firstly was created as a course in 1952, and since 1954 – as a separate independent department of a former Kharkiv Institute of Pharmacy. The first head of department was associate professor M.N. Litvinenko. At that time 3 associate professors and 5 assistants worked at the department. In 1961 the first manual on pharmacy in Ukraine, edited by M.M. Litvinenko and I.M. Gubsky was issued.

OEPh department

OEPh department in 1992

In 1972-1985 the department was headed by associate professor N.I. Bryljova. Under her leadership the department staff studied the pharmaceutical providing of inpatients. During this period, a much more active work was conducted on certification training of pharmacy practitioners, successfully had defended several master’s theses. The department had four classrooms and other facilities with a total area of 120 m2. 4 associate professors and 7 assistants worked at the department.

OEPh department

Staff of OEPh department in 2004

In 1975, according to the curriculum training of pharmacists the name of discipline had been changed: now it is called “Organization and Economics of Pharmacy” with a total volume of study – 256 hours (100 – lecture’s, 116 – practical and 40 – seminars hours) during the four semesters – from VI to IX .

OEPh department

Staff of OEPh department in 2006

From 1985 to 2004 the department was headed by professor D. I. Dmitrievskiy, during the time it was prepared 2 doctors and 5 candidates of pharmaceutical sciences. In 1991 the department was transferred to the 3rd floor of a new educational building on the Bluchera street, 4, where it covers an area of ​​about 300 m2 till today. The scientific and pedagogical potential of the department was 7 associate professors and 9 assistants.

OEPh department

Staff of OEPh department in 2018

From 2004 to date, the department is headed by Honored Scientist of Ukraine, professor Nemchenko A.S., which since 1990 began to develop its multi-vector research school on directions of medicines pricing and reimbursement, prescriptions insurance, pharmacoeconomics, development of a formulary and insurance lists and improving of pharmaceutical providing of patients with different nosologeis and more.


Teaching Staff


for specialty "Pharmacy":
  • Introduction into the pharmacy. Practical classes on OEPh in pharmacy
  • The organization and economics of pharmacy
  • State administration and regulation in the pharmaceutical branch
  • Systematic analysis of activity of pharmaceutical establishments
for specialty "Technology of perfumery and cosmetics":
  • The organization and economics of pharmacy and the PC branch
  • The organization and regulation of the enterprises of the branch
for specialty "Economics of enterprises ":
  • Organization of pharmaceutical providing of the population
  • Accounting
  • Management accounting in intermediary organizations
  • Audit
  • Pricing in the marketing economics
for specialty "Marketing":
  • Organization of pharmaceutical providing
  • Accounting
  • Management accounting in intermediary organizations
  • Audit
for specialty "Management of Organizations":
  • Organization of pharmaceutical branch
  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Controlling
for specialty "Laboratory diagnosis":
  • Health care Economics
for specialty "Administrative Management":
  • Management of maintenance of work
  • Audit and assessment of management activities
  • Organization of pharmaceutical providing of the population
  • State regulation of pharmaceutical enterprises
  • International Management
for foreign citizens (in Russian or English):
  • Introduction into the pharmacy. Practical classes on OEPh in pharmacy
  • The organization and economics of pharmacy
  • State administration and regulation in the pharmaceutical branch