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Ukrainian Pharmacy – yesterday, today, tomorrow

22-23 September 2016 along with one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine – lake Synevir held a scientific conference with international participation “Ukrainian Pharmacy – yesterday, today and tomorrow.”
The organizer of that event was the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy Donetsk National Medical University. Gorky, information and organizational support for the conference was provided by the Department of Pharmacy and Economy National Pharmaceutical University as a leading university of the country.
The conference was opened d. Pharm. Mr. Professor Victor M. Khomenko, one of the brightest representatives of the organizational and economic Nemchenko School Professor Alla Semyonovna. In his report presented the main results of the Donetsk National Medical University. Gorky after moving to the city. Lyman Donetsk region and outlined the direction of its future development.
Given the strengthening of the role of social organizations in the development of our country and the introduction of socially oriented standards of society deserve special attention research, conducted at the department under the direction of Dr. OEF. Pharm. n., Professor Nemchenko A. In its report entitled “Evaluation of professional NGOs in pharmacy” Professor AS Nemchenko noted that the development of professional self-government is one of the most important aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the direction of strengthening the professional impact on the quality of legislative and regulatory legal acts of Ukraine, the introduction of the Law of Ukraine “On Pharmaceutical government.” The report emphasized that the experience of other countries shows that it is a professional association of delegated authority for accreditation of pharmacies, which provides higher standards than the conditions laid down in the licensing and certification of specialists within the qualifications established by the state. The results of the research scientists of the department OEF set low level of cooperation existing in Ukraine professional associations operating in the pharmaceutical industry and public authorities. These facts require further analysis of the causes and the measures taken to improve the situation.
During the conference have also heard the reports to. Biol. N. Tyuh Yu, associate professor, Dr. Pharm. N. Sur S., head of analytical department of company “Morion” Dobranchuka Alexander, associate professor, k. Pharm. N. Solomennoho Alexander, director of state enterprise “Ukrainian scientific center pharmacopeia quality medicines,” Dr. Pharm. N. Hryzoduba O, d. Pharm. n., Professor Kyslychenko V. et al.
At the end of the conference all the participants stressed the need to regularly conduct such research activities where pharmaceutical community would have an opportunity to discuss actual problems of the modern pharmaceutical industry of the country and find opportunities for further development of pharmacy in Ukraine.